Clean clothes.
Clean linen.
Clean life.

Clean clothes. Clean linen. Clean life.

We bring convenience and promote well-being to our clients by providing clean and hassle-free laundry services.

We bring convenience and promote well-being to our clients
by providing clean and hassle-free laundry services.

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Our Commitment

We are committed to providing you with quality service by using ISO-certified products. Our team is equipped with the skills and the passion to thoroughly and gently clean your clothing and linens.

We strive to be the preferred friendly neighborhood laundry business provider in the community by embedding competence, consistency and connection in our services.

Why Choose Us


We deeply value building good relations with our business partners.


We only use gentle ISO-certified products to thoroughly clean your clothes.


You can book an appointment with us from the very comforts of your home or offices. We save time for you.


Our prices are reasonable and affordable. Good value for money.

pick-up & delivery

Save more time for you. We pick up and deliver your laundry to your doorstep. Turnaround time is within 2-4 days from date of pick-up.


We take utmost care for your laundry. We neatly fold and stack them so you can arrange them conveniently.

Our Process


give laundry

wait for laundry

Our Services

and fold




Our Rates

Minimum load for machine is at 10kg.

Wash Dry and Fold

Clothes only, no delicates included.


For sensitive skin, prevents allergies.

Bedsheets, Towels, Table Cloth, Seat Covers

Price applicable only during quarantine season

Comforter / Curtains

Price applicable only during quarantine season

Wash Dry and Press

Clothes only, no delicates included.


Rush Express

Just add PHP 30/kg from the regular rates. Must be picked up by AM for PM delivery.


Just add PHP 20/kg from the regular rates.

Pick-up & delivery

Any further than this, has to be discussed and agreed between customer and laundromat

Contact Us

We'd be glad to help you with your questions or comments. Give us a call, send us an email or use the form on this page to email us directly and we will respond in a timely manner.
+63 976 097 0590
Door 1, Teresita Oh Building
R.R. Landon Extension
Sambag 1, Cebu City
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I'd like to know more about your services. Do we have to provide for detergent?

We wash, dry, and fold your laundry. Our service is inclusive of ISO-certified detergent, fabric conditioner, and bleach (white and color-safe).

What is your lead time?

Our lead time is between 2-4 business days from date of pick-up.

How will I know if my clothes or lines are okay for machine-wash?

You may check the labels and refer to the guide below to double-check if your items are okay for machine-wash.

Laundry guide

Can you tell me more about your free pick up and delivery services

We offer free delivery and pick up only if the total laundry reaches at least 5kg. If it does not reach 5kg, we will charge the corresponding minimum weights (see #5), plus delivery fee.

I want my whites to be washed separately from my colored clothes/linens. What is your minimum weight for each category?

For clothes: Our minimum weight for each load is 5kg. This means that if for example, your clothes weigh 4kg, we will still charge them as 5kg. For linens (e.g. bedsheets, towels, curtains and comforters): Our minimum weight is 3kg.

What should I prepare for the first pick up?

Message us on our Facebook page, and our customer representative will confirm details with you. Kindly place your laundry in a SEALED plastic bag/laundry bag with your name/name tag on it. It would be ideal if whites and colored are separated. Once details have been confirmed by our representative, our driver/s will contact you to pick up your laundry.

Do you weigh the laundry during pick up?

Due to the increasing demand of our customers, our delivery truck is pressed for time. We will weigh your laundry once it reaches our shop. You may weigh your laundry at home or in your offices for comparison purposes.

I work during your operating hours. Can you help me out with this one?

You can leave your laundry at the front desk, or with your colleagues. If you request that we leave your laundry unattended (e.g., outside your studio unit, in a hallway, or in your foyer) or with a third party (e.g., with a doorman or a neighbor), we are not responsible for your laundry before we have picked it up or after having dropped it off.

How do I know how much I will pay?

For pick-ups, we weigh your load in the shop and send the job order via Facebook Messenger. For walk-ins, we weigh your load as we receive them, and issue the job order slip after. We accept GCash or COD payments.

How will I know you cater to this area?

Feel free to message us and our customer representative will confirm with you if we cater to your area or not.